International Opportunity


We send containers all over the world and in 2016 our international clients included Morocco, France, Australia, Thailand, UAE, Holland and Germany. 

The famous Malawi Chairs retails upward of $450 in the US and AU$550 in Australia. Depending on destination and size of order, we often land the chairs for around $90 – $140 a unit.

Pick up a copy of Architectural Digest and you’ll more than likely see a Malawi Chair in one of the featured homes. They are a highly-desirable, iconic piece of African furniture.

We can fit 74 chairs in a 20″ container and up to 180 chairs in a 40″ container. The bigger the order, the lower your price per unit.

Our services include custom-branded cardboard boxes – so you can on-sell the products in your branding the moment the container arrives in your country.

We can also include your branding on a small engraved metal plate at the back of the chair.

And yes, we have cushions as well!


The whole world wants the iconic ‘Malawi Chair’ and we will make sure they get to you in pristine condition.


The iconic ‘Malawi Chair’

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